Naruto Shippuden 173 : Origin of Pain

Naruto Shippuden 173 : Origin of Pain is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden seriesNagato continues telling his story to Naruto about his second pain. Nagato he told Naruto how Jiraiya taught them ninjutsu, and how Jiraiya talk to him about the Sage of the Six Paths that could be his reincarnation with his Rinnegan. After three years of training Jiraiya leaves them and as the three orphans grow up the have started an organization with Yahiko as the leader. The purpose of the organization is to bring peace to the Hidden Rain. Hanzo (the Hidden Rain Kage) thinks that Yahiko's group was a threat so he plot a trap for them. Hanzo kidnapped Konan with the root ANBU from Konoha headed by Danzo. Hanzo told Nagato that he must kill Yahiko if he wants Konan to live. Yahiko immediately drives himself onto Nagato's kunai, killing himself for Konan's sake. Nagato is horrified by Yahiko's death and awaken his Rinnegan to defeat Hanzo.

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