Naruto Shippuden Manga Episode 506: Gai vs Kisame

Naruto Shippuden Manga Episode 506: Gai vs Kisame is the continuation of the Naruto Manga Series with the last episode Naruto Shippuden Manga Episode 505: The Nine-Tails Chakra Unleashed.

From the last episode... Kisame reveals himself and after taking the a hit from Gai . Killer Bee was bitten by Samehada and not knowingly absorbs his chakra. They tried to attacked Kisame but instead absorbed also their chakra based attack. Kisame tried to escape and Gai pursued him opening his eight celestial gates and Killer Bee throws Gai in mid air. Meanwhile, Naruto wrecked his ankle as a result of his uncontrolled chakra from his newly gained nine tailed chakra. Back to the action, what surprises me here is that Gai summon Ningame (A Large turtle) in mid-air to provide him a stepping stone to finally catch up with Kisame. Kisame summoned a large number of man eating shark but Gai used his morning peacock to kill all those sharks. And it appears that Gai wants to settle this fight faster and he opened his seventh gate. As for the last part Kisame summon a water element giant missile shark and Gai summon a afternoon tiger to counter the attack.

It appears here that they are giving all out... Let us wait for the next episode next week...