Naruto Shippuden 178: Iruka's Decision

Naruto Shippuden 178: Iruka's Decision is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden series from the last episode Naruto Shippuden 177: Iruka's Ordeal.

This is the continuation of the flash back episode way back when Naruto still in the academy when Iruka is still his homeroom teacher. From the last episode Naruto head to the back hills as the 3 kids told him that they would accept him as a friend. The episode starts as Iruka looks for Naruto. Iruka found Naruto and ask him to comeback to academy but he refuses and told him that nothing would change even if he comeback to the academy since he will still be left alone. Naruto uses his sexy ninjutsu to escape from Iruka and he succeded. As Naruto was running he felt hungry and as he try to look for something to eat he found a different kind of Kunai that has something on it. Non knowing that ther are 3 enemy ninja and that is what they looking for. They have confronted Naruto and ask for the kunai but Naruto refused to give it and uses his sexy ninjutsu again but it would not work since they are girls and as Naruto tried to run from them he fell into a cliff and passed out. Iruka heard the shout of Naruto and find him. Iruka tried to rescue Naruto and the 3 enemy ninjas tried to pursue them. As 3 enemy ninja almost catch up with Iruka and Naruto Kakashi came and beat the 3 enemy ninja. As Iruka submitted the kunai to 3rd Hokage (Hiruzen Sarutobi) and found out that it contains the Konoha'a patrol network. The 3rd Hokage (Hiruzen Sarutobi) congratulate Iruka and told him that Naruto's recklessness saved the village and Iruka thanks him also for making him the in charge of Naruto. Iruka finally realize the will of fire and he wants to pass it to the children and Naruto. And the scene came back to the swing in the front of the academy where the flashback started and tree survived where he told Naruto about the will of fire and explained to him that it is the strong will to save the village and the mark he placed with Naruto that if he reach that mark maybe he will became the next Hokage and told him that a being a Hokage is not just being strong but everyone respects him. Back to the present when Suske and his team prepares to move and on the other hand Tobi, Kisame and Zetsu. Back to Konoha, Shikaku told Yamato what happened that pain is the one who did this and Naruto handled him and the nine tailed fox.

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