Naruto Shippuuden Manga Episode 509: The Bridge to Peace

Naruto Shippuuden Manga Episode 509: The Bridge to Peace is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series with the last episode Naruto Shippuuden Manga Episode 508: A Death Befitting A Shinobi .

From the last episode... It is between Konan and Madara. Madara ask Konan why did she betray  him and if Naruto worth all of that, Konan replied that Naruto is the light and have the flower of hope. Madara ask her again why is she still wearing the Akatsuki uniform, Konan replied that Yahiko created
Akatsuki and the red cloud is a symbol of the war's rain of blood that fell on Amegakure and Nagato is a Amegakure ninja the one who awakened the rinnegan, and it is Amegakure country's treasure. Konan starts to attack with a large number of paper, Madara tried to Konan but not knowing she mixed it with exploding tags. And flashback starts when Yahiko told her that take care of Nagato since he is the man who will become the bridge to peace. and his role is to become a pillar of support to that bridge. The flashback ends as Konan's determination and say's "I will become the pillar of support to the two bridges formed by Yahiko and Nagato". It appears that Madara was injured by the exploding tag as his face was almost shown since the mask has been broken and he lost his right arm. Madara told him that he underestimated him and after all she is  once a member of Akatsuki. Then Konan ask Madara why they betrayed him and Madara replied "who knows?". Konan uses secret arts as she yells "You are darkness, a flower can only wilt in a world without light!" The lake? sea? all becomes paper, and spreads just like the Red Sea did for Moses, and she tries to drop Madara into it.
Next chapter! Will Konan be able to protect Nagato and seal Madara into the sea of papers?