Bleach Episode 291: Desperate Struggle with Aizen! Hirako, Shikai!

Bleach Episode 291: Desperate Struggle with Aizen! Hirako, Shikai! is the continuation of the Bleach series from the last episode Bleach Episode 290: For the Sake of Justice?! The Man Who Deserted the Shinigami.

The fight between Tōsen and Komamura continues, however Tōsen doesn't seem to fight as well in his new form now that he can see, but still easily defeats Komamura with a cero. As he charges another cero to finish Komamura, who has given up, Hisagi stabs Tōsen, then claims that if he did not have sight, he could have easily dodged his attack. Hisagi releases his zanpakuto, and slices Tōsen through the neck, dispelling his hollowfied form. Meanwhile, Hirako releases his shikai, which has the ability to create great visual illusions, he calls the inverted world. Aizen looks as if front and back, left and right, is all switched, however its all messed up, it's imposible to figure out where he is attacking from, and Hirako is able to slice him several times. However, Aizen messed with his senses, claiming that his zanpakuto's abilities are a far cry from his, and slices Hirako's back. The defeated Tōsen comes to his senses, and requests to see Hisagi's face clearly once more, but dies when an internal impact destroys his body. Hisagi is devastated while Komamura rages at Aizen, who is likely to be responsible for Tōsen's death. At this point, Ichigo appears behind Aizen preparing to attack.