Bleach Manga 439: Keen Marker

The Bleach Manga 439 entitled Keen Marker is the continuation of the Bleach Manga series.

In this episode Ichigo’s raw human body isn’t prepared to consume the vast amounts of spiritual energy needed for his fullbring like his shinigami body was, so until his training progresses, he will have to limit his usage of the swastika.

On the other hand Tsukishima Shuukurou shows up to Orihime. It has been confirmed that Tsukishima Shuukurou is also fullbring user Chad sensed some disturbance in her reiatsu  when he went for her bread since it appears that Orihime is in danger with TTsukishima Shuukurou, but my question is, wouldn’t somebody like Tsukishima be smart enough to get rid of such an obvious clue? I’m starting to think Chad may be Tsukishima’s next target…