Naruto Manga 532: Mifune Vs. Hanzou, The Conclusion!


Naruto Manga 532: Mifune Vs. Hanzou, The Conclusion! is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode Naruto Manga Chapter 531: Team Asuma, Together Again,the battle between Mifune and Hanzou continues, a flashback from the past when Mifune and Hanzou first fight and Mifune falls and Hanzou tells his story where he got his poison and reveals his weakness. Mifune stood to him to protect his comrades to Hanzou, and just like the Naruto, Hanzou also has a faith to bring pease in the world so choose to give Mifune a chance to live and test his faith on him. Back on the present, it appears that Hanzou comes to his senses and release remove his mask and release the venom of the salamander that he implanted on his body. On the other hand the battle between the member of Team Azuma and Azuma himself continues. It appears that Chouji still cant hurt their sensei... What will happen next?