Naruto Manga 533: An Oath

Naruto Manga 533: An Oath is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode Naruto Manga 532: Mifune Vs. Hanzou, The Conclusion!,Team Azuma and Azuma himself continues, Chouji is still hesitating to hurt or fight back his former teacher Azuma. In one point on the manga Azuma even tried to insult Chouji to provoke him to fight back. Ino tried to use her technique "Mind-Body Switch" where Ino tried to convince Choji inside his mind and remind him of the earrings that Azuma give to them as a gift when they all become a Chunnin.  Azuma tried to attack Chouji with his Fire Element - Searing Ash Cloud technique but Chouza tried to protect Chouji and that is another flashback comes back as Shikamaru remembered the King that Azuma told him about before Azuma died. Chouji has his own flashback about the Oath he promised when he receive the earings from Chouza as the 16th - Generation of Akimichi clan. The Oath to protect the Yamanaka and the Nara Clans and the Hidden Leaf Village and raise the 17th  - Generation of
Akimichi clan. Chouji now decided to emerge from his cocoon as a fully grown butterfly. Chouji now ask Ino to switch back and a butterfly wings chackra shows on the back of Chouji and he is now ready to take his flight. 

It appears that Chouji's full strength has already been awaken. This battle is getting more exciting... don't you think? What will happen next? Will this end the fight between Azuma and the rest of the Team Ten? 

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