Naruto Manga Chapter 530: Chouji's Determination

Naruto Manga Chapter 530: Chouji's Determination is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode Naruto Manga Chapter 529: Bonds, they finally sealed Kinkaku and Ginkaku with the joint efforts of Darui's division together with Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. It appears that more emotional battle is comming up since they will be facing their past enemy which is also one of the Akatzuki who killed their teacher "Asuma Sarutobi". But a new order from Shikaku the father of Shikamaru from the heardquarters to leave Kakuzu to Izumo, Katetsu and Darui's hand and they need to face Asuma their former teacher.

It is a hard decision for Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino, but it can't be helped because they are the one that know good enough about Asuma so there will be a chance for winning. Complicated feeling appears on Chouji heart because he is so kind, but when Ino and Shikamaru were encouraging him, Choji determination and self confidence suddenly back in good shape. 
For Chouji's father "Chouza" have to face with Katou Dan , the love of princess Tsunade's life. What are they gonna do to finish this emotional battle?