Naruto Shippuden Episode 203: Sasuke's Ninja Way

Naruto Shippuden 203: Sasuke's Ninja Way is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden series.

Madara explains that the Uchiha and the Senju are descendants of the sons, who seek power and who seek peace respectively, of the Sage of Six Paths. Madara predicts that someday Naruto who has the Will of Fire of the Senju, and Sasuke who has the curse of vengeance and seeking power will face each other and fight to the very end. Kakashi asked Madara what is the purpose of obtaining Tailed Beasts but Madara answered he will tell it in an appropriate place and vanished instantly. Meanwhile, Sasuke and A, the Raikage, fought each other. They unsuccessfully deliver their attacks on one another until A manages to use Liger Bomb, a powerful taijutsu move, on Sasuke. But the Liger Bomb failed when Sasuke's backbone of his Susano'o suddenly absorbed A's attack. Sasuke also unleashed his Amaterasu and created an offensive barrier on his partial First stage Susano'o. A ignores the black flames and delivers a chop to Sasuke. A was stopped by Gaara and told about the Amaterasu on his left hand. A amputates his left hand and asks Shee for healing. Gaara confronts Sasuke but Sasuke answered that he cannot change himself anymore and will remain in darkness seeking power and vengeance. Gaara had no choice but to attack Sasuke, and he was assisted by Darui, Kankuro and Temari. All their attacks are unsuccessful because of Sasuke's first stage of Susano'o was fully activated.

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