Naruto Shippuden 208: As One's Friend

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 207: The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast. Jugo and Suigetsu attempt to masquerade as samurai but are detected. Sai confronts Naruto and tells him that his friends, including Sakura, are going to kill Sasuke themselves in order to prevent him from getting the Leaf Village involved in a war over him. Meanwhile, Danzo, Foo and Torune confront Madara. While Danzo undoes the seal on his right arm, his two subordinates take on Madara, but are both defeated. Gaara, Temari and Kankuro appear before Naruto, and Gaara explains to him that he must do whatever it takes, as Sasuke's friend, to stop him. Karin finishes healing Sasuke in Madara's alternate dimension, and both are released right in front of Danzo, who prepares to battle both Sharingan-wielders, revealing his right arm covered in Sharingan.

Here are some screen shots for Naruto Shippuden 208: As One's Friend.