The Bleach Manga 446: The Dark Beat 2

The Bleach Manga 446: The Dark Beat 2 is the continuation of the Bleach Manga series.

From the last episode...
Bleach Manga 445: The Dark Beat. Ichigo asks Ginjo to step aside, but he refuses, insisting that it would not be in his own best if Ichigo were to die. As Ginjo and Tsukishima clash, Chad attempts to stop Ichigo form interfering. However, Ichigo refuses to just watch the person who attacked Orihime and Ishida and goes after them.

Ginjo destroys a building with his Fullbring, prompting Tsukishima to criticise him for endangering other people. Ginjo claims that he has only been targeting empty buildings. Ichigo appears above Tsukishima and attacks him, but is unable to hurt him. Tsukishima states that he does not understand why he is attacking despite the incomplete nature of his powers. Ichigo becomes further engulfed in black reiatsu form his Fullbring and Tsukishima comments that he is evolving very quickly and his power is much closer to his previous peak as a Shinigami.

Yukio then uses his Fullbring, Invaders Must Die, to remove Ichigo from the battle. Tsukishima comments that Yukio would not want him to taint Ichigo as his powers near completion.

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