Naruto Manga 537: Night

Naruto Manga 537: Night, is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 536: Naruto Goes To War. It appears the giant summon (Gedo Mazo) is a summon of Madara. Chouji and the others tried to stop it however it appears to be powerful since it uses the chakra of the seven tailed beast that akatsuki has already captured. Meanwhile, A and Tsunade will be facing Naruto and Killerbee. Madara took the container of Kinkaku and Ginkaku which was sealed inside that container. The night has fallen and they temporarily retreat for the night assault. The Shinobi alliance lost 40,000 out of 80,000 and on the other hand Akatsuki lost 50,000 out of 100,000. The Great Ninja War under the moon!! What will happen next.

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