Naruto Manga 538 : Cross-Examination

Naruto Manga 538 : Cross-Examination, is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 537: Night
. While Naruto and Bee is flying towards the battlefield in the dead of the night. The Nine Tails talks to Naruto about hatred tried to persuade him from within in removing the seal and that he can loan his power to him to help him in this war. It even tried to talk to him that he will also be consumed by Hate and will end up like Nagato. And also remind him about Suske, that even until now Naruto still unable to save him. A flashback from the past way back in the academy when Naruto and Suske have a match up on a Traditional Shinobi Spar. In this flashback Naruto saw the intense look on Suske's eyes. But Naruto is determined and told the Nine Tails that the moment he start second guessing to himself that's the end of everything and added that he will do something about Suske and the War. 

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