Naruto Manga 540 : Madara's Plan

Naruto Manga 540 : Madara's Plan, is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 539 : A Bloody Night! It was not Neji, it was just a thought of wounded soldier that appears one of Zetsu's clone to be a spy. He tried to attack Sakura but he failed. On the other hand Itachi and Nagato is talking about the caster of this jutsu and try to think why the both of them are being summoned away from the battle. Meanwhile, Sakura asked why he has the same chackra as Neji. It appears that it is one of Zetsu's abilities to absorb the chackra of the last soldier he fought earlier. This is creating chaos among the soldiers since they dont know who is the enemy or not. Shikaku tried to calm down and think it over. On the other hand Naruto and Bee meet Tsunade and his brother A.

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