Naruto Shippuden 211: Danzo Shimura

Naruto Shippuden 211: Danzo Shimura is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden series.

From the last Episode
Naruto Shippuden 210: The Forbidden Visual Jutsu. As Danzo and Suske charge to one another and both of them give the final blow.  Danzo fails to kill Sasuke because of genjutsu, knowing his Izanagi remains activated but happens to be it's already ended before charging to one another. Danzo takes Karin as hostage and Sasuke shoots his Chidori blade through Karin, fatally wounding Danzo in the process. Danzo runs away from the fight, which Sasuke slowly follows, but Madara suddenly appears in front of him and desperately activates his self-destructing technique the reverse tetragram sealing jutsu. A flashback appears, as Danzo and Hiruzen Sarutobi in the middle of a ninja war. Senju Tobirama, the second Hokage, assesses the situation and plans their tactics against the enemy. Danzo become hesitant to be a decoy which Hiruzen volunteers to be a decoy. Tobirama disagrees and should be the decoy, because he wants to protect the younger generation of Konoha and assigns Hiruzen Sarutobi to be the next Hokage. As Danzo's reverse tetragram sealing jutsu explode a flashback between Danzo and Hiruzen Sarotobi appears when they were still young and appears to be good friends.

I still want to give a good reason as to what Danzo have done in the past. It appears that he also just want to recognized by the Hidden Leaf and wanted to be hero. May be he just overdid it that he even sacrifice himself to become a guinnie pig for Orochimaru. In the end I still give my sympathy to him I want to believe that he has good intentions for the Hidden Leaf village. 

Here are some snapshots of  Naruto Shippuden 211: Danzo Shimura.


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