Naruto Manga 541 : Raikage Vs Naruto!

Naruto Manga 541 : Raikage Vs Naruto!, is the continuation of the  Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 540 : Madara's Plan. Bee and Naruto meets Tsunade and  his Brother Raikage A on there way to the battle field. As Naruto tries to pass thru Raikage, it talks about his father the 4th Hokage to match his speed and to be the choosen one who will bring peace, but as Raikage A said the 4th Hokage is already dead ane was defeated by the Kyubi. Naruto heats up and appears to be insulted as Raikage talks about his father. Raikage tries to attack Naruto but surprisingly Bee tries to get in his way and tries to talk him out. As they there fists collide a flash back came as how the two of them became brothers. As Bee told Raikage that if they bump there fist Raikage can read his heart as to why Bee have so much faith in Naruto. And here is the truth behind brothers Bee and Raikage A.

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