Naruto Shippuden 214: The Burden

Naruto Shippuden 214: The Burden is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden series.

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 213: Lost Bonds. As Kakashi heads towards Sakura, he found Kiba, Lee and Sai sleeping as the effect of the sleeping gas used by Sakura. Sasuke tells her to prove her loyalty by killing Karin. However, he tries to kill her instead, but is stopped by Kakashi, who begins to fight Sasuke, now weakened by his fight with Danzo. After Sakura finishes healing Karin, she tries to attack Sasuke from behind while he is struggling with his eyesight, but hesitates at the last moment, allowing Sasuke to catch her. He is just about to give Sakura the final blow when Naruto appears and saves her. 

(Naruto came to the Rescue)

You can watch the full episode of  Naruto Shippuden 214: The Burden  at Crunchyroll...enjoy...