Bleach Manga 454 - Sheathebreaker

Bleach Manga 454 - Sheathebreaker is the continuation of the Bleach Manga series.

From the last episode...
Bleach Manga 453 - Mute Your Breathe Friendship. As Urahara and Isshin, who is carrying glowing, sword-like object, walk through the moonlight streets, Ichigo and Kūgo arrive at a delapidated building. Kūgo tells Ichigo that they should be safe there, as it is a place that he prepared in case Tsukishima found Xcution's hideout. He reveals that he did so without Riruka and Girikoknowing. Ichigo lashes out at Kūgo, blaming the Fullbringer for involving him. Kūgo apologizes and Ichigo admits that it was not his fault. Kūgo tells him not to blame himself.

Kūgo reveals his thoughts on Tsukishima's ability, saying that based on Sado's account of events, he had thought Tsukishima could confuse people's memories. But after listening to Yukio and the other members of Xcution as they attacked him, he surmizes that his ability is to insert himself into the memories of people that he cuts with his Book of The End, just as one places a bookmark into a book. When Ichigo questions if that is possible, Kūgo replies that he is unsure, but those affected by his Fullbring clearly thought he was someone from their past, deeply engrained in their personal lives. Kūgo claims that they would appear to those affected to be insane.

When Ichigo asks if his friends will return to normal if Tsukishima is killed, Kūgo replies that he cannot be sure and that they could end up being viewed as murderers by their friends. But he claims that they have to kill him nonetheless and asks Ichigo if he can kill him. Yukio reveals his presence by remarking on the nature of the discussion. When Kūgo demands to know how he found them, Yukio reveals that he used his Fullbring to track Kūgo. He invites them to return with him, saying that nobody is angry with them and they will be restored to normal soon.

As Uryū stands fully dressed in his room in Karakura Hospital, Ichigo, Kūgo and Yukio arrive at a large house in a wooded area.


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