Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!

Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!!

Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!!, is the continuation of the Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 546 : Clash of the Old and New Kage!!. Unable to comprehend the circumstances surrounding his son's revival after the extraction of the One-Tailed Shukaku in spite of Gaara's explanation, especially in regards to how he obtained friends, the Fourth Kazekage's surprise continues to mount after being informed that Gaara does not hate him due in part to his role as Kazekage providing perspective into his father's previous motives and actions. Recollecting the past, including both his son's birth and eventual descent into failure as a jinchūriki, the Fourth Kazekage supposes that there is some worth in his resurrection as it allows him to determine the actual value of his child. Questioning whether Gaara is truly capable of surpassing him, the battle between father and son commences with the collision of their respective gold and sand, resulting in a mixture of the two. However, by attempting to protect two of the other Kage from an aerial barrage, Gaara's sand is able to restrain all three in an inescapable embrace. Admitting the growth of his son as his counters continue to fail in the face of Gaara's Shield of Sand, the Fourth Kazekage comes to the realization that all a parent need do is trust in their children, contradicting his prior concepts about value. Declaring that Gaara's strength comes not from the Shukaku but instead from his mother, he tells his son that Karura truly loved him.

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Tsuchikage Oonoki

Naruto with Minato and Kushina

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