Naruto Shippuden 221: Storage

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 220: The Great Toad's Prediction or Propehcy of the Great Lord Elder.Naruto recalls all the times the Nine-Tails' hatred had taken control of him. He decides to accept the key and the Great Toad Sage tells Naruto where he can find the octopus from his vision. Fukasaku sends him back to Konoha. Kabuto kills several Takigakure shinobi and leaves a trail of bodies leading Anko Mitarashi's team to Akatsuki's hideout. Kabuto confronts Madara and summons back the dead Akatsuki members. He tells Madara that he wants to join forces with him and that he can increase Akatsuki military power with his summons. In return Kabuto wants Madara to give him Sasuke Uchiha. Madara agrees and they leave to prepare the strategy. 
Here are some snapshots of the scene in  Naruto Shippuden 221: Storage.

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