Bleach Manga 455: End of the Bond 1

Bleach Manga 455: End of the Bond 1 is the continuation of the Bleach Manga series.

From the last episode... Bleach Manga 454 - Sheathebreaker. Tsukishima greets Ichigo, Kūgo and Yukio at the door of the mansion. Upon seeing him, Ichigo charges at him, reaching for his badge. He is stopped by Kūgo, who warns that they cannot rush in without a plan. He tells Ichigo that if he is right about Tsukishima's ability, then they cannot afford to be cut by his sword even once. Tsukishima tells them that he is not armed and invites them inside to discuss things, saying that he has no intention of fighting them. When Ichigo refuses to comply due to the possibilty of traps inside the mansion, Tsukishima points out that if he was going to lay any traps, he would have placed them in the forest they had just been through.

Inside, Ichigo is greeted by his friends and family. Yuzu tells him that Tsukishima is not mad at him and Keigo urges Ichigo to apologize to him. As the others join Keigo in calling for an apology, Kūgo urges Ichigo to remain calm, saying that while they think Tsukishima is a friend, they still think of Ichigo as one too and will not attack him. However, Ichigo runs out of the room thinking to himself that while he wishes toslice Tsukishima to pieces, he cannot fight him there as the others will be dragged into the fight.

Ichigo runs upstairs, where he finds the other members of Xcution. Tsukishima appears behind him and comments on how willingly Ichigo allowed himself to be surrounded. Kūgo destroys the stairs so that only Yukio would be able to reach the first floor and tells Ichigo that there is no reason to hold back. Ichigo activates his Fullbring and cuts off Tsukishima's left arm. Tsukishima compliments Ichigo's rate of growth, but Ichigo retorts that he should keep acting high and mighty while he still can as he is there to kill Tsukishima.

Sado appears outside the window and smashes his way in. He and Orihime stand in front of Ichigo, with Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka flying around her.

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