Bleach Manga 456: End of the Bond 2

From the last episode... Bleach Manga 455: End of the Bond 1. Orihime ignores Ichigo's pleas to stop healing Tsukishima and restores his arm. Tsukishima compliments her healing ability. Ichigo asks Sado if he is "the same" as the others. Sado replies that he is unsure what Ichigo means, saying that they are uncertain how to respond to his actions. He asks Ichigo why he is doing this and Orihime asks if he has forgotten how much Tsukishima has helped them. Sado tells him that they would not have been able to rescue Rukia or defeat Aizen without Tsukishima.

Tsukishima asks Ichigo if he understands now. Ichigo attacks him, launching through a wall. Kūgo tries to follow, but is stopped by a falling chandelier. Moe Shishigawara tells him that he and the Xcution members are his opponents. Kūgo wonders who he is and how he made the chandelier fall despite not having any tools or weapons, questioning what his Fullbring is.

Tsukishima explains that his Fullbring creates new pasts, simply inserting his presence into the past of the victim as he sees fit. Ichigo remarks that Kūgo was correct, surprising Tsukishima, who admits that he underestimated him. He then says that the past that Ichigo has experienced and that experienced by his friends and family are two different things. Ichigo tries to grasp the meaning of Tsukishima's words before attacking him. However, Orihime shields Tsukishima and Sado attacks Ichigo. Sado asks him why he is doing this, saying that he did not gain his strength for this purpose. He attacks Ichigo again. Ichigo says taht he did not gain his powers so that he would have to hurt his friends. Tsukishima then appears before him again.

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