Bleach Manga 458: End of All Bonds

From the last episode... Bleach Manga 457: End of the Bond 3. Ichigo rushes to the injured Kūgo's side, wondering how he will be affected. Kūgo tells him not to be distracted by his injury and Ichigo parries an attack from Tsukishima. Kūgo tells Ichigo that he is alright for now, stating that Tsukishima is an enemy and Ichigo an ally. He tells a relieved Ichigo that he is uncertain why he has not been affected by Book of the End's ability yet, surmising that he is surpressing it or that it takes longer to affect some people.

As he says that they must finish the battle before the ability takes hold, Uryū arrives. Ichigo wonders whose side he is on, concluding that he is an enemy when he activates his bow. Uryū tells him that Kūgo is the one who attacked him. Uryū attacks Kūgo, both both he and Ichigo are cut down by Kūgo and Tsukishima. When Ichigo asks if Kugo is affected by Tsukishima afterall, he replies that it was the second time he had been cut by him, which changed him back to normal. He stabs Ichigo in the chest, saying that he will remove Ichigo's Fullbring. 


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