One Piece 511 : An Unexpected Return! Luffy, to Marineford!


The episode starts with a view of Marineford being rebuilt. It shows a room full of vice-admirals as Lieutenant Commander Brandnew talks about how Luffy survived the war and caused trouble again. 
A flashback follows, showing what happened two days ago. Two reporters are seen talking about how the Marines will go after the pirates involved in the war. Suddenly, some Marines see the warship which Luffy, Jinbe and Rayleigh are on. They make a full circle around Marineford before entering the bay (which is done in a funeral). After that, all three of them get to the plaza. Luffy then runs toward the Ox Bell and rings it sixteen times, after that he goes to a huge crack in the ground and drops flowers in it, holding his hat to his chest. Soon enough a huge whale-shark appears in the bay as Luffy, Jinbe and Rayleigh run away. After that, the newspapers print the story and deliver it to Sabaody Archipelago, Alabasta, Water 7, and Foosha village. The flashback ends as Brandnew states that it is humiliating for them to have let Luffy go.

After that there is a scene showing the Gorosei discussing who should fill the vacancies in the Shichibukai positions and that Blackbeard is turning out to be a lot of trouble.

The next scene shows World Government Commander-in-Chief Kong and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku discussing Sengoku's retirement. Sengoku also recommends Admiral Aokiji to be the next Fleet Admiral.

The scene changes to Coby, Helmeppo, and a doctor in the hospital, discussing how Coby has obtained Kenbunshoku Haki. Coby then states that he has to train more, in order to become stronger.

After that Admiral Aokiji and Smoker talk about what Luffy did at Marineford and about Smoker's transfer to the Marine base G-5.

In the New World, Eustass Kid and his crew are talking about Luffy's actions. Kid asks what the Ox Bell is. Killer explains what it is and why Luffy rang it sixteen times.

The scene changes to Capone Bege's ship, which is being pulled up to a huge black ball in the sky. 

Urouge's ship approaching an island constantly being hit by lightning and an old woman offers to sell the crew some umbrellas. It then goes back to Kid as he declares that he will defeat Luffy in the New World.