One Piece Episode 508: Back to the Captain -Jailbreak at the Sky Island and the Incident on the Winter Island

After hearing the suggestion from Rayleigh, Luffy can't decide whether to follow it or not because of his promise to his friends to meet at Saboady. Rayleigh says that he would give a second suggestion to Luffy.

Meanwhile on Weatheria, Nami tries to escape from the island, but fails to do so. She is then held captive by residents of the island thinking she is a traitor. She becomes outrages and punches Haredas. She explains that she need to get off the island to meet her captain. She starts to cry for her captain' s failure to rescue his brother. The residents let her out. Nami runs out, taking Haredas as her guide. The people of the island follow her thinking that she is a traitor again.

On Karakuri Island, Kitton informs to his grandpa that Franky is acting outrageously. Franky comes and asks to give him a ship but the request was refused as they did not have any ship available on the island. He is then informed that there is an ice breaker developed by Vegapunk at his laboratory. He breaks into Vegapunk' s laboratory. After Franky breaks into the laboratory he accidently pushes the selfdestruct button thinking it was a pirate mark.