One Piece Episode 509: Contact! The Great Swordsman Mihawk - Zoro's Struggle of Willpower


Zoro tried to go back to the sea using the small boat given to him by Mihawk however he couldn't get past to the Humandrills. Though, after fighting for a while, Zoro realizes, in his surprise, that they have started copying his own attacks (Gyuki: Yuzume and Tatsumaki). He tells Zoro to go back to the castle and rest. Zoro declines and continues fighting the humandrills. 
On the other hand Brook was caught by the Longarms upon trying to make peace between them and the locals of the Nakamura Island. He then plays them a song, which gives them the energy to fight. So they wind up capturing a few Longarms, Brook then gives them a speech about how it is important to fight on their own and tells them to release the Longarms, as he made a "Devil's contract" with them.

Luffy back at the Amazon Lily agreed to Rayleigh's "suggestion". Both Jinbe and Hancock are surprised by it and state that it is too harsh. Rayleigh says it is up to Luffy to decide and so he does. Luffy says that he wants to meet his nakama, and tells them he wants to go back to Marineford.