One Piece Manga Episode 634 - 100,000 vs. 10

One Piece Manga Episode 634 -  100,000 vs. 10

One Piece Manga Episode 634 -  100,000 vs. 10 is the continuation of the One Piece Manga Series.

From the last One Piece Manga 633: Friend or Foe... A few hours earlier, a brief flashback, Jinbe plans out with Luffy not to fight Hody directly. He suggests he become the hero of the Fishman Island, which Luffy refuses because pirates are not heroes. After Jinbe convinces Luffy, he tells the plan to the crew. So they perfectly with some additional revelation from Shirahoshi. Backin the Gyoncorde Plaza, the people encourage the Straw Hats while Shirahoshi apologizes for keeping the dark secret to herself. Hody says that he would soon become the Pirate King, and shows his strength of 100,000 man army.  Luffy then steps forward and takes out half of the pirates with a burst of Haoshoku Haki. 

His crew is impressed with his ability, as is Jinbe. Luffy tells Hody that no matter what kind of king he wants to become, the world only needs one Pirate King. He then uses Gear 3rd and take out several more pirates. Everyone gets ready to join the fray and Franky gets ready to unveil the new weapon. 

Here it goes... it appears that Luffy is showing his strength... what do you thing will happen next... this is getting exciting....