Naruto Manga 554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit

Naruto Manga 554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit

Naruto Manga 554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit, is the continuation of the Naruto Manga Series.  

From the last episode Naruto Manga 553 On The Battlefield! The Episode starts as Naruto tried to attack the third raikage with the rasenshuriken. Although the third raikage's lightning speed Naruto still manage to hit him, however he was left unscratched. The third raikage gathers chakra on his hand and used his strongest ninjutsu the four-fingered hell-bringer hand which penetrated the flowing earth wall of 10,000 miles technigue reinforced by the rubber wall technique and take down dozens of man in line. This technique seems like the raikiri of Kakashi and Chidori of Suske however this one is stronger plus the body of the third raikage can withstand any kind of jutsu will make the strongest shield. He is known as the only ninja that can face a bijuu. Naruto noticed a scar in the third raikages chest and it appears that this the only scar when he depended the people againts the rampaging eight-tails by himself. This reminds Naruto him of his training about the bijuu ball the one he is practicing with Bee. Naruto starts to gather the black and white chackra in his hands to create a the bijuu ball (Tailed Beast Rasengan).

Here are some colored scanlation from the Naruto Manga 554 The Rasenshuriken's Limit...

 Itachi talking about being a hokage

 The Third Hokage

 Suske's Ethernal Mangekyou Sharingan and Susanoo

 Suske's Ethernal Mangekyou Sharingan