Naruto Manga 557 Jouki Boy

Naruto Manga 557Jouki Boy

Naruto Manga 557 Jouki Boy, is the continuation of the Naruto Manga Series

From the last episode Naruto Manga 556 Gaara vs Mizukage. The Episode starts as the Mizukage uses his ninjutsu Steaming Danger Tyranny when Gaara tried to trap the Mizukage to his sand.. It appears that the Steaming Danger Tyranny is a ninjutsu using the oil on the Mizukage's body. Oonoki told them that in order to defeat the Steaming Danger Tyranny they need to find the true body of the Mizukage. Using one of the sensory type ninja and they have found the true body but when Gaara tried to attack the true body but his Steaming Danger Tyranny clone stopped him and was able to attack Gaara back. The Steaming Danger Tyranny attacked Gaara but he uses a Sand clone. Suddenly after that attach the Steaming Danger Tyranny slows down and Gaara since he is using the gold dust that his father left him. The Steaming Danger Tyranny slows down and Gaara was able to seal the Mizukage. Before the Mizukage was sealed and told him that he is the really the Golden duckling...