Hunter X Hunter (2011) 02 Test x of x Tests

Hunter X Hunter (2011) 02 Test x of x Tests
Hunter X Hunter (2011) 02 Test x of x Tests is the continuation of the Hunter X Hunter (2011) 

From the last episode... Hunter X Hunter (2011) 01 Journey x And x Friends... Here it goes....
The Episode starts as Gon, Kurapica and Leorio got of the ship and head to Zaban City to take the Hunter exam. The Captain of the ships seems to be a friend of Ging the father of Gon and one of the Hunters,so he give Gon an advise to head to the cedar tree on top of the mountain as the fastest way to the hunter exam site. So Gon instead of taking a bus to Zaban City take the advise of the captain. Gon together with Kurapica and Leorio head to the cedar tree. On there way, they passed a deserted town when suddenly an old lady with some masked person blocked their way to ask them a question which has 2 answers for them to pass. Kurapica figured out the answer which is not to answer at all. So the Old lady told them the right way to the cedar tree. There is a house on beneath the cedar tree when they meet the family of magical beast, the Kiriko which happen to be the navigator which will take them to the hunter exam site. This beast tested them and all three of them passed and they were taken to the hunter exam site by carrying them.

 Here are some snapshots...
The old lady in the deserted town
The family of Kiriko Navigators
Gon, Kurapica and Leorio with the Kiriko navigators