Hunter X Hunter (2011) Episode 01 Journey x And x Friends

The Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime adaptation is a complete reboot of the series starting from the beginning of the manga. It is directed by Hiroshi Kōjina, produced by Madhouse, and features scripts by Jun Maekawa and character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu. Instead of having the old cast reprise their roles for the new adaptation, the series features an entirely new cast to voice the characters. The new series premiered airing weekly on Nippon Television from October 2011.

Hunter X Hunter (2011) 01 Journey x And x Friends is the first episode of  Hunter x Hunter (2011).

The episode starts in the Whale island the home of Gon Freecss the son of one of the legendary Hunter Ging Freecss. Gon catches the Lord of the Lake a huge fish in the lake that was also caught by Ging with the same age as Gon now, 12 years old as a preparation in taking the Hunter Exam. Mito is the aunt and the guardian of Gon does not want to him to take the hunter exam. Gon wants to follow the footsteps of his father and wants to know what is so important in being hunter that he even left Gon in Mito's custody just to become one. Mito cannot do anything but to let Gon go with a promise that he will go home safe. So Gon departed on a ship with the other Hunter Examinees. There he met Kurapica the last Kuruta clan that is seeking revenge which is his main purpose to become a Hunter and Leorio which in pursuit of wealth in becoming a hunter. They are one who survived or shall I say able to withstand the huge storm that the ship encountered which the captain revealed as part of the Hunter exam. At the end of the story the end of the story only the three, Gon, Kurapica and Leorio passed the exam.

Well the Hunter X Hunter (2011) Episode 01 Journey x And x Friends have so much difference from the old version, as if I am watching a whole new anime with the same story line. As expected the anime was great Gon is still cute. I will be posting the weekly anime series of this Hunter x Hunter (2011). I do hope you could join Gon, Kurapica, Leorio and soon Killua with me on this new anime series. 

Here are some snapshots of the Hunter X Hunter (2011) 01 Journey x And x Friends...

Gon waiting to catch the lord of the lake
Gon catching the Lord of the lake
Gon and Mito having a pinky promise
Gon, Kurapica and Leorio with the captain
Kurapica vs Leorio
Gon, Kurapica and Leorio catching Katsou
Gon, Kurapica and Leorio passing the first exam