One Piece Manga 641 What Are You?

One Piece Manga 641 What Are You?
One Piece Manga 641 What Are You? is the continuation of the One Piece Manga Series.

From the last episode One Piece Manga 640 Right Above Fishman Island! Noah is about to collide with  with Fishman Island. Luffy wants to smash it into pieces but Fukaboshi  stops him and explains  the  importance of Noah in the history and its mission and until that mission has been fulfilled they cannot let the Noah be damage. Shirahoshi asks Decken to wake up. After Hody sends a hard blow to Manboshi, Luffy gets on him and punches Hody. He gets away and fights for a short while with Fukaboshi and then he defeats him. In the meanwhile, Luffy gets contacted by the fishmen he met a while back, telling him that they can launch the bubble around Noah for Luffy to fight inside. While Hody attacks Luffy again, Luffy breaks his Kirisame and punches him back. Fukaboshi contacts him with a Den Den Mushi and tells him, that he knows Hody's "true form"

Here are some colored scanlation of Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar Law....

Trafalgar Law

Roronoa Zoro