Naruto Shippuden 222: The Five Kage's Decision

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 221: Storage. Tsunade talks to a council and informs about Fourth Shinobi World War and warns others not to underestimate Akatsuki. Whereas in Land of Lightning a council is held about war, as Kisame spies on them. B paying no attention was bought in writing raps in his rhyme book. Later, Shizune informs Tsunade about Naruto's disappearance for which she ordered some shinobi to search for him. Naruto returns to Ramen Ichiraku. Two Konoha shinobi ask for his autograph, but he doesn't know how to respond. Three days later the Kage meet again to discuss how they should start pooling their resources. As the first matter of business, Naruto and Killer B are to be given constant protection. Tsunade objects since they would both be invaluable in the war with Akatsuki, but is forced to agree. Tsunade meets with A alone and asks him for a favour. She wants him to let B teach Naruto how to control Nine-Tails. A says that the place where he is sending B and Naruto isn't just a hideout but a training ground. Tsunade returns to the village and informs Naruto that he's going on an S-rank misson to an island. 

Naruto Shippuden 221: Storage

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 220: The Great Toad's Prediction or Propehcy of the Great Lord Elder.Naruto recalls all the times the Nine-Tails' hatred had taken control of him. He decides to accept the key and the Great Toad Sage tells Naruto where he can find the octopus from his vision. Fukasaku sends him back to Konoha. Kabuto kills several Takigakure shinobi and leaves a trail of bodies leading Anko Mitarashi's team to Akatsuki's hideout. Kabuto confronts Madara and summons back the dead Akatsuki members. He tells Madara that he wants to join forces with him and that he can increase Akatsuki military power with his summons. In return Kabuto wants Madara to give him Sasuke Uchiha. Madara agrees and they leave to prepare the strategy. 
Here are some snapshots of the scene in  Naruto Shippuden 221: Storage.

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One Piece Manga 633: Friend or Foe

Here is a the summary of One Piece Manga 633: Friend or Foe, the continuation of One Piece Manga Series.

Shirahoshi explains why she kept the fact that Hody killed her mother secret for ten years. It was because of the promise she made to her mother on her deathbed, that she would not bear any hatred or resentment toward anyone, Megalo witnessed the murder at the time, and relayed the information to her. Hody is about to land the finishing blow on king Neptune, when Shirahoshi cries out laud and ask Luffy to protect her father.  Luffy jumps out of Megalo's mouth at that moment and attacks him. Above the plaza are the Thousand Sunny and Neptune's whale, Hoe. The Sunny blasts the majority of fishman pirates with the Gaon cannon, while the whale rescues his master. It turns out that this rescue was planned out by Jinbe. The island residents ask Luffy if he is a friend or foe, to which he responds that it's their call to make. The rest of the crew then gather at the plaza, and are prepared to engage Hody's crew in combat alongside Jinbie. 

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Naruto Manga 549 : Itachi's Question!!

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 548 :Naruto vs. Itachi!!. Nagato talks to Naruto about how his expression has changed since their last meeting. Naruto says he was able to conquer his hatred because of his parents, B, and Nagato's teachings of pain. Itachi tells Naruto that he wants ask him a question, and Naruto says the same. Meanwhile, Kabuto is glad that he has found the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails first and wonders what Madara's reaction will be. Kabuto orders Itachi to attack with a fireball, B cuts it in half with his Samehada. Itachi begins to fight with Naruto, and B. As they fight Itachi asks Naruto about Sasuke and Naruto tells him about Sasuke's desire to destroy Konoha and that Madara told him about Itachi's secret mission. Itachi asks Naruto to keep his mission a secret as he wants the Uchiha name to keep its reputation. Naruto and Nagato begin to fight, while Itachi and B fight each other. Itachi activates his Mangekyō Sharingan and a crow emerges for Naruto's mouth. 

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Naruto Shippuden 220: The Great Toad's Prediction or Propehcy of the Great Lord Elder

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 219: Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage. At Mount Myōboku, Gerotora remembers Jiraiya's words and asks the Great Toad Sage if he should do as he said. The sage says to bring Naruto to him. At the Akatsuki hideout, Sasuke begins to recover from his transplant. In Konoha Tsunade recovers by eating food and tells Shizune to call a war meeting after she is finished. Shikamaru attends the war meeting and says to his father that he will remember every last detail. Fukasaku reverse summons Naruto to Mount Myōboku and takes him to see the Great Toad Sage so he could tell him his future. The great sage gives Naruto two predictions, the first being that he will meet an octopus, and the second that he will fight a young man with powerful eyes. The sage tells Gerotora to give Naruto the key to the Nine-Tails' seal. Gerotora asks Naruto to put his hand on the release square, Naruto hesitates. 

Naruto Manga 548 :Naruto vs. Itachi!!


From the last episode, Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!!. Gaara is shocked by the Fourth Kazekage's revelations about his mothers love for him. Gaara breaks down in tears and as his father notes that Gaara has surpassed him and that he entrusts the village to him as he is being sealed. Meanwhile the Third Raikage and the Second Mizukage escape from Gaara's sand and are confronted by the Fourth Division to whom they divulge their abilities. Ōnoki and Mū continue to fight with Ōnoki telling Mū not to underestimate him as he creates several Rock Clones. Elsewhere Naruto and Killer B encounter Nagato and Itachi Uchiha. 
This episode just shows that even thought Gaara never felt it his parents still loves him. What excites me here is the next episode and revelation of Itachi...

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Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!

Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!!

Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!!, is the continuation of the Naruto Manga Series.

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 546 : Clash of the Old and New Kage!!. Unable to comprehend the circumstances surrounding his son's revival after the extraction of the One-Tailed Shukaku in spite of Gaara's explanation, especially in regards to how he obtained friends, the Fourth Kazekage's surprise continues to mount after being informed that Gaara does not hate him due in part to his role as Kazekage providing perspective into his father's previous motives and actions. Recollecting the past, including both his son's birth and eventual descent into failure as a jinchūriki, the Fourth Kazekage supposes that there is some worth in his resurrection as it allows him to determine the actual value of his child. Questioning whether Gaara is truly capable of surpassing him, the battle between father and son commences with the collision of their respective gold and sand, resulting in a mixture of the two. However, by attempting to protect two of the other Kage from an aerial barrage, Gaara's sand is able to restrain all three in an inescapable embrace. Admitting the growth of his son as his counters continue to fail in the face of Gaara's Shield of Sand, the Fourth Kazekage comes to the realization that all a parent need do is trust in their children, contradicting his prior concepts about value. Declaring that Gaara's strength comes not from the Shukaku but instead from his mother, he tells his son that Karura truly loved him.

Here are some colored scanlation of  Naruto Manga 547 : That Which Has Value!

Tsuchikage Oonoki

Naruto with Minato and Kushina

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Naruto Shippuden 219: Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage

Naruto Shippuden 219: Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage is the continuation of the Naruto Shippuden series.

From the last Episode Naruto Shippuden 218: The Five Great Nations Mobilize. As the stone carver begins to carve Danzō's face in the Hokage Monument, he was told that Danzō is dead. Meanwhile, Kakashi takes Karin to the Konohagakure Intelligence Division to be questioned. Naruto gathers the Konoha 11 and tells them his decision to fight Sasuke alone, much to their frustration. After talking with the village's elders, Kakashi wonders around Konoha, thinking about his future as an Hokage when Might Guy appears and challenges him to race. Kakashi ultimately wins the race and Guy congratulates him on becoming Hokage, claiming that from now on Kakashi will be too busy for their matches. However, Kakashi tells him that they will always be "eternal rivals" and that he is happy he is there, leaving Guy in tears. Later, as the Fire Daimyō is about to appoint Kakashi as the new Hokage, Guy interrupts him and informs them that Tsunade has awoken from her coma. As the stone carver begins to carve Kakashi's head, he is once again stopped and informed that Tsunade will remain the Hokage, much to his dismay.

Naruto Manga 546 : Clash of the Old and New Kage!!

From the last episode, Naruto Manga 545 : An Army of Immortals!!. Naruto took care of the the Zetsu's with Bee. On the other hand Kazekage Gaara and Tsuchikage Oonoki faces 4 previous kages from different country and it appears two this previous kages are from the hidden sand which is the fourth kazekage and the father of Gaara and Mū, the Second Tsuchikage along with them is the Second Mizukage and the Third Raikage.

This is fight is going to be an interesting as four kages were talking about that the children from their village would surpass them. Also another emotional battle between father and son, and predecessor and successor. The big question here is that will Gaara and Oonoki be able to surpass the four previous kages? Will Naruto be able to take out all the zetsu's?

Bleach Manga 454 - Sheathebreaker

Bleach Manga 454 - Sheathebreaker is the continuation of the Bleach Manga series.

From the last episode...
Bleach Manga 453 - Mute Your Breathe Friendship. As Urahara and Isshin, who is carrying glowing, sword-like object, walk through the moonlight streets, Ichigo and Kūgo arrive at a delapidated building. Kūgo tells Ichigo that they should be safe there, as it is a place that he prepared in case Tsukishima found Xcution's hideout. He reveals that he did so without Riruka and Girikoknowing. Ichigo lashes out at Kūgo, blaming the Fullbringer for involving him. Kūgo apologizes and Ichigo admits that it was not his fault. Kūgo tells him not to blame himself.

Kūgo reveals his thoughts on Tsukishima's ability, saying that based on Sado's account of events, he had thought Tsukishima could confuse people's memories. But after listening to Yukio and the other members of Xcution as they attacked him, he surmizes that his ability is to insert himself into the memories of people that he cuts with his Book of The End, just as one places a bookmark into a book. When Ichigo questions if that is possible, Kūgo replies that he is unsure, but those affected by his Fullbring clearly thought he was someone from their past, deeply engrained in their personal lives. Kūgo claims that they would appear to those affected to be insane.

When Ichigo asks if his friends will return to normal if Tsukishima is killed, Kūgo replies that he cannot be sure and that they could end up being viewed as murderers by their friends. But he claims that they have to kill him nonetheless and asks Ichigo if he can kill him. Yukio reveals his presence by remarking on the nature of the discussion. When Kūgo demands to know how he found them, Yukio reveals that he used his Fullbring to track Kūgo. He invites them to return with him, saying that nobody is angry with them and they will be restored to normal soon.

As Uryū stands fully dressed in his room in Karakura Hospital, Ichigo, Kūgo and Yukio arrive at a large house in a wooded area.


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